ARION Cup & Canicross

Canicross, the sport of cross-country running with dogs, is a very enjoyable yet testing sport. Arion is proud to be this year’s sponsor of Germany’s leading Canicross event, the Arion Cup. Arion Premium has been specifically developed to meet the high energy requirements of adult working, hunting and sporting dogs, such as those taking part in canicross. As Arion also has its own canicross team it’s a natural sponsor for such a prestigious event. Arion Premium is just one of a wide range of Arion products designed to meet the differing needs of dogs of all ages and fitness levels.

Canicross was originally devised as off-season training for sledge dogs, but is now a sport in its own right. It has a large following right across Europe, especially in Germany and the UK. Its popularity comes from the fact that not only can all breeds of dog take part, but people of all ages and abilities. This means children and people with disabilities, such as the visually impaired, can enjoy canicross too.

Photographer: Jens Seeman; Regina Storck in startposition.
Photographer: Kika At Work. Final sprint before the finish line – left: Nicole Müller (DE) with Pina, right: Pauline Zwaan (NL) with Mac.
Photographer: Kika At Work. are displayed: Thomas Landau (DE) and his Setter dog Kessy, who is cooling down in water.
Photographer: Nicole Welsch; left to right: Nadine Boymann, Lucy Hummel, Dominik Rau and Rüde Schelle

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