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Puppy Medium Chicken&Rice

ARION Original Puppy Medium Chicken&Rice is a gluten-free complete dry food for puppies, specially tailored to the nutritional needs of medium dog breeds, in order to contribute to the optimal development of your puppy.


Chicken (dehydrated 52%), rice (31%), animal fat, potato, peas, hydrolized animal protein, beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, fish oil, salt, F.O.S., M.O.S., grape seeds, citrus.

Analyse (%)
DHA 0,1
Phosphorus 0,9
Calcium 1,4
Crude fibre 2
Crude ash 6,5
crude fat 18
crude protein 28
Additives-Nutritional Additives/kg
E8 selenium 0,3
E2 iodine 4
E5 manganese 10
E4 copper 18
E1 iron 140
E6 zinc 200
Vitamin D3 (IE) 1900
Vitamin A (IE) 22000