»Original Gluten-Free

Senior Medium Chicken&Rice

ARION Original Senior Medium Chicken&Rice is a gluten-free complete dry food for senior medium breed dogs. The formula is specially tailored to your dog’s nutritional needs and supports both heart and joint function, in order to improve your senior dog’s vitality and quality of life significantly.


Rice (50%), chicken (dehydrated 42%), oats, peas, animal fat, beet pulp, hydrolized animal protein, refined cellulose, salt, brewer’s yeast, potassium chloride, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, F.O.S., M.O.S., grape seeds, curcuma.

Analyse (%)
Phosphorus 0,8
Calcium 1,2
Crude fibre 3,5
Crude ash 6,5
crude fat 9
crude protein 21
Additives-Nutritional Additives/kg
E8 selenium 0,25
E2 iodine 3,5
E5 manganese 9
E4 copper 16
E1 iron 130
E6 zinc 180
L-Carnitine 300
Taurine 1000
Vitamin D3 (IE) 1700
Vitamin A (IE) 20000